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What we can do for you...

As a fellow author, I understand how important it is when I want to focus my efforts on writing.
With that in mind, we have expanded our services to include new authors in a traditional setting.
This will allow you to concentrate on writing your next work, not worrying about marketing your latest.

Click here now to find out how to submit your manuscript.

Our traditional publishing services provide:

  1. Cover design
  2. Manuscript editing
  3. Ebooks
  4. Paperbacks
  5. Audio books
  6. ISBN assignment
  7. No initial fees
  8. An author page dedicated to you on our website
  9. Posting and sales through
  10. Posting and sales through Kindle
  11. Posting and sales through ACX (Audible)
  12. Accepting agented and non-agented submissions

For more information, check out our blog or contact us here.

Self publishing? Click here to check out our Ala carte services.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
Jodi Hockinson, Publishing Coordinator