Wanda Bush, Author

As far back as she can remember, Wanda’s imagination has kept her entertained. Day and night, she fabricates tales causing piles of paper to accumulate under her desk. Now that her children are grown, she has more time to turn her scribbles into written narratives. She enjoys bringing to life her favorite characters as she delves into the craft of writing.

Wanda is an award-winning author and is an active member of the National ACFW organization. She loves theology, gardening, and walking in the woodlands. She and her husband enjoy building projects together, and they are famous for dreaming up new ideas before finishing old ones. It’s a miracle when something gets entirely completed.

Although raised in Kansas and aged in Louisiana, Wanda most often resides in her imaginary world.

Read her blog at: www.writingimagined.com

Email her at: Writingimagined@gmail.com

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NEW RELEASE: When Sandi is bumped from economy to first-class on a flight to Houston, she finds herself stuck with a new seatmate who is rich, handsome, and talks a lot. Sandi wants nothing to do with the pretty boy, as she doesn’t trust guys who look like him.

The young man is intrigued by Sandi, and he works hard to keep her engaged in conversation as he desires to win her friendship, and with great hope, her heart.

With Sandi’s determination to live a life fashioned after I Thessalonians 4: 11–12, and her vow not to seek wealth, will the revealing of this mysterious man’s profession be too unsettling for her? Will the revelation of her job be too appalling for him? What does God have in store for these two unlikely seatmates?